Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What happened in the last 4 years 2012 - 2015

Wow, i by accident bump into my blog, and the last entry was in 2011! Those were the blogging days i guess... What happened to me in the last 4 years? Had my ups and downs and but there have been joyous moments and i would say 1 very bad one. just to summarize what i have gone through from 2012 to early year 2015:

- Gave birth to an adorable wonderful baby boy! More surprise to come? :P

- Did my first ever Half Marathon (21 KM). Actually did two half marathons in 2013. my first was in Kuching and second was in KK
- the worst moment was losing my Great Wonderful Dad but i know he is in a happy place right now. Till we meet again daddy...

- Did my first ever Full Marathon (42 KM)
- Found out i was actually pregnant when i was running the full marathon
- started going into online business

- in January gave birth to a cute cuddly baby girl, and now i have three great children (2 girls and 1 boy)
- Still learning this online business thingy but getting better with more sales :)

So that summarized everything. short and simple :)

Till my next post


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